Martin Lalli, MSW
Executive Director
Tel: 718-863-4100 x627
Madelin Weiss, MSW
Associate Executive Director
Tel: 718-863-4100 x622

Liana Ferrante, LCSW
Program Director
Brooklyn Adult Home
Tel: 929-337-6400 x215

​​​​​​​Marlon Henry, LMSW
Program Director
Bronx Adult Home
Tel: 718-430-1313 x124

​​​​​​​Kim Baltich, MSW
Program Director
Tel: 718-617-5586

​​​​​​​Jissell Moise
Program Director
ACCESS Houses (Supportive SRO)
Tel: 718-299-0744 x404

​​​​​​​Lisa Hall
Interim Program Director
ROSEBUD House (Community Residence)
Tel: 718-292-3514 x801

​​​​​​​Nicole Bernier, LMSW
Program Director
S.H.O.P. (Graduate Supported Housing)
H.C.B.S. (Home and Community Based Service)
Tel: 718-430-1313 x683

​​​​​​​Jenny Paredes, MSW
Quality Assurance Director
Tel: 718-863-4100 x641

Renita Bowens-Marshall, LMSW
ATP/CTP Program Director
Tel: 718-863-4100 x615

​​​​Manuel Morales, CCCT/CCNT
Management of Information Systems & Technology Director
Tel: 718-863-4100 x617

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